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so many emotions, so little time 

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anxiety levels approaching danger

this semester is going to be the death of me

12 hours of lab every week with an additional of at least 6 hours of lab work to do outside of the lab

assignments, lab reports, quizzes every week

mock court on the week of my 21st birthday

multiple term papers and presentations due during the week of mock court

and then finals


come on

not to mention my school changing my class and lab times without any type of notification

my 2-6pm lab suddenly becoming a 8am-12pm lab

everyday my classes end after 7pm 

5-6 hour gaps in between (looking at you, 8am-12 lab and then 6:30-8pm class)

fuck you guys

i’m going to be a lamp

Same shit, different year.

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this is bothering me

why are you going to ignore my relationship advice and listen to a girl that is cheating on her bf with multiple guys or another girl that is in a manipulative, abusive relationship?

guess i don’t know what i’m doing wrong in my relationship.

i totally don’t know what i’m talking about 

don’t mind me




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Dumbest conversation I had today:

Me:Not many kids come on my street to trick or treat which is a bummer because my street has a lot of rich people living on there. They'd probably give out good candy.
Girl:Oh that sucks, wonder why..
Me:Maybe cause my street is really dark, there's only like 2-3 lamp posts.
Girl:If your street is so rich, why don't you have more lamp posts?
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sometimes this anxiety gets too much and i just want to stand in a corner and pretend i’m a lamp

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